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Text HAPPYVIBES to 50597 for exclusive VIP offers, giveaways, events, special pricing and other important updates.


We are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. We are out of the warehouse Saturdays and Sundays as we and the angels spend this time with our families. Thank you for understanding.


We will be DROPPING items frequently throughout the week as wall drops in our FB Group

AND you can always shop on our website


Payment is due within 12 hours of being sent. If we offer a coupon code, payment is due within 4 hours of being sent.

Please DO NOT claim an item and NOT pay the invoice.

Failure to pay will result in removal from the group.

We know life can sometimes throw us curveballs, so if you cannot pay your invoice please let us know!

After the allotted amount of time, your cart will be emptied and your goodies will go back into our inventory.

We do this so that we do not oversell items. We have a few sales a week and therefore, cannot hold items.

Furthermore, it is the shoppers responsibility to ensure that you are using the correct payment method of your choice.

If you make any mistakes, it is not the responsibility or fault of ours.

Any incorrect payment method choices cannot be adjusted or fixed on our end :(


Coupons and credits need to be applied AT checkout.

Coupons and credits cannot be applied AFTER checkout.

Coupons are NOT retroactive.

Coupons cannot be used on already discounted items, sale items, deal of the day items or waitlisted items unless stated otherwise.

Coupon expire dates vary.

If you use a coupon code on any of the items that are not eligible, your commentsold account will be credited back the amount you paid for the non eligible item.


Items MAY or MAY NOT be re-ordered. There are variety of factors to take into account when re-ordering product.

Be sure to authorize waitlist items as we order based off of that list.

Please know we do our best to fulfill authorize waitlist items, but sometimes it may not be possible.


There is a $50 minimum order to use Sezzle. 


We do our best to inspect everything before it leaves our warehouse but we are only human and sometimes miss things.

Please be sure to inspect all items within 7 days window of its arrival.

If you receive a damaged item, please email us and we will send you instructions on how to further proceed.



We absolutely offer gift certificates.

Please type in “gift” in the search bar of the app or the website.

You can purchase in increments of $25!


We would LOVE to give you a FREE Rewards Card to track your Happy Vibes purchases with us.

If you choose to sign-up, your REWARDS Punch Card will digitally track your purchases and earn YOU rewards and FREE gifts! Yep.
FREE gifts as a THANK YOU! When you shop, your card will update when you complete checkout and your invoice is paid!
FOR our LAUNCH, 10 punches EARNS you $50 in SHOP CREDIT!
As of right now, rewards DO NOT EXPIRE.
Nothing for you to do except sign-up, shop, and sit back and enjoy some much deserved EARNED rewards!
How exciting is THIS!!! 
If you want to JOIN our rewards program.....


With EVERY purchase, you will receive a colored "keep this coupon" ticket. PLEASE KEEP IT!

On the 7th day of the following month we will be pulling tickets for FREEBIES!! We will go live, pull the tickets, announce the numbers, and their winnings. I will then post pictures of the tickets. If you have the matching ticket, please email us a picture of it with the sizing of the style or credit amount you won along with your shipping address. You can use the search feature on FB to find previous ticket drawings by typing in the month or color ticket into the search bar on the top of the group. This is another way to say THANK YOU for shopping with us!


Michelle + Lauren

Happy Vibes Boutique