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LV Limited Edition CLOUD Collection

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Limited Edition CLOUD Collection bags.

FREE SHIPPING! 📬 ($30-40 value)

(Louis Vuitton CLOUD collection authentic retail is $1250+ 😱)

 ALL of this merchandise is 1:1 TOP Quality UA (Underground Authentic) meaning that they are part of the excess supply that the factory made of that specific item. 
What happens is...brands order certain quantities to be certified and put on shelves. Everything else made is “extra”/over supply, even though they are made using the same high quality materials (Mostly coated canvas & coated leather just like the originals!) These bags have been compared to authentic and they are legit fabulous and 75% OFF “retail” 💖

We can offer Sezzle (financing) through our website as well. 
You can do 4 payments. 
No interest! 💚
If you're interested in financing or have any questions, just let me know 😉

We have some inventory listed here on our website and if there is a specific style you are looking for, I can check with the supplier to see if it’s available ♥️

We will be placing a big bulk order by tomorrow evening but plan to order at least once a month from here on out ♥️