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LV Limited Edition CRAFTY NéoNoé MM

Limited Edition CRAFTY NéoNoé MM bags are on SALE for $429 (usually $599)

I am also throwing FREE SHIPPING! 📬 ($30-50 value)

(Louis Vuitton Limited Edition CRAFTY NéoNoé MM $3100 😱)

ALL merchandise is 1:1 TOP Quality or higher UA (Underground Authentic) meaning that they are part of the excess supply that the factory made of that specific item. 

100% Genuine Leather Matching Quality of Original Louis Vuitton Production

What happens is...brands order certain quantities to be certified and put on shelves. Everything else made is “extra”/over supply, even though they are made using the same high quality materials (Mostly coated canvas & coated leather just like the originals!) These bags have been compared to authentic and they are legit fabulous and 75% OFF “retail” 💖 

💚 We can offer Sezzle (financing) through our website as well. 

If you're interested in financing or have any questions, just let me know 😉

We have some inventory listed here on our website and if there is a specific style you are looking for, I can check with the supplier to see if it’s available ♥️